The Me I Want To Be

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Almost 2 years ago we held 4 sessions in Sunday evenings about ‘JUST WALK ACROSS THE ROOM’ using DVD clips and discussions café style.

This year, we will deliver five sessions in Sunday evenings of March 5th; 12th; 19th; 26th; April 2nd at 6pm in the church. The format will be using DVD clips and discussions café style.



“I’m a grown man, I thought. I do not know how many years of life are before me. I cannot wait any more. When I was going to school, I was preoccupied with good grades or getting cute girls to like me. As the tears went by, I became preoccupied with work and my circumstances because I thought they would make me alive. I can’t wait anymore to be that man. I thought.”

“I realized this then, and I know it now: I want that life more than I want anything else. Not because I think I am supposed to, not because it says somewhere that you should. I want it.”

“There is a me I want to be.”

“Life is not about any particular achievement or experience. The most important task of your life is not what you do, but who you become.”

“There is a me you want to be.”

Your life is God’s project, not yours.

We have some posters and postcard-size posters to use and give to invite others to come.

You will need a ‘Participants Guide’ so you can make notes and aid discussions. You can also have the book ‘THE ME I WANT TO BE’ which is based on, by John Ortberg.

These will be available each week to collect.

The ‘Partcipant’s Guide’ is £6.99 but we are happy to give them free.
The BOOK is £9.99 so we would just leave it with you if you want to contribute whatever in the offering plates.

May we all feel we will becoming ‘GOD’S BEST VERSION OF YOU’.

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